Wheels Are Coming Off

By Jonathan Weiner | November 20, 2017

I recently posted the following suggestion on Facebook. Define Will Power. There were a wide range of answers. Of course, everyone has an individual belief system and the reasons behind it. I do want to touch on the difficulty with which I still struggle even three years later. First, let’s look at two years ago,…

Feel Better. Perform Better. Look Better

By Jonathan Weiner | September 10, 2017
Feel Better. Perform Better. Look Better

Feel Better. Perform Better. Look Better. Nine days ago marked my three year anniversary since starting my major health transformation which included and still does, an extremely clean diet, workouts (mostly resistance training and very little cardio) continued martial arts training and proper nutritional supplementation. It’s been an extremely rewarding learning experience and in this…

How to get Leaner when you’re injured.

By Jonathan Weiner | June 16, 2017
how to get leaner while injured

How to get Leaner when you’re injured. Ok, Tell me if you can relate. You’re regimented. You’re motivated. You have a system and all of a sudden, boom. Injury. Why, poor form, no, over-lifting, no, just over-use. Well about 6 weeks ago, after a typical 6 out of 8 day Gym Workout series, Aikido 4-5…

Pivotal Humility.

By Jonathan Weiner | May 19, 2017
pivotal humility - AdvoCare - Jonathan Adam Weiner

I was really touched today. One of my original fitness mentors, (in fact, the guy who was the catalyst for my health transformation which started on September 1, 2014) truly moved me. Zahid ‘Z’ Buttar, a friend, aikido student, AdvoCare Business Mentor and fitness coach for me, who has been on his own mini weight…

BMI versus Body Fat Percentage?

By Jonathan Weiner | May 2, 2017
BMI-vs-Body-Fat-AdvoCare - Jonathan Weiner

Body Fat Percentage versus BMI? When you get past the point of just dropping scale weight, e.g. muscle and fat, and you’re truly trying to focus on body composition for overall health, fitness level, you need to be able to properly measure your body fat percentage. First, let me explain what BMI, Lean Weight and…

Sleep plays a big part in weight management.

By Jonathan Weiner | April 27, 2017
Sleep plays a big part in weight management.

One big aspect of a healthy lifestyle and weight management that gets overlooked often is sleep. The Quantity and Quality of sleep is extremely important for recovery. Recover physically as well as mentally. If you work out each week, the muscle growth occurs in recovery, e.g. when you’re sleeping and not when working out. So…

Flip the Switch

By Jonathan Weiner | March 17, 2017
flip-the-switch - Health Blog - Jonathan Weiner

I think often at the times I’ve failed and nine out of ten times it came down to will versus skill. I didn’t fail at certain weight loss programs because I didn’t have the knowledge or skill of how to do that particular program but rather I didn’t have the will to ‘flip the switch’.…

Nutrition trumps Exercise always.

By Jonathan Weiner | February 2, 2017
Diet is most important

First, I don’t want to devalue the importance of exercise. Whether it’s lifting weights to get stronger, doing a spin class for cardio health, running on the treadmill, walking outside, taking a core strength, hiit style or tabata class. If done correctly for the right outcome, all exercise is great for overall health and wellness.…

2017 Q1 Nutrition/Fitness Plan

By Jonathan Weiner | January 2, 2017

Ok, I’ve been doing the 50/30/20 (Carbs, Protein, Fat) Macro percentage plan for awhile and it has served me well. I shed an additional 55 lbs. after losing 30 lbs. initially and was able to get down to 9.7% Body Fat. One of my personal fitness goals is to achieve a more lean, muscular look.…

Programs. Noise. Decisions.

By Jonathan Weiner | December 12, 2016

After about 1 year on AdvoCare and getting myself healthy. I found my purpose and have used AdvoCare as a Vehicle to drive that purpose. I am 150% into health/wellness/nutrition/fitness. And my purpose is to help others improve in those areas. Whether it’s just to take off 10-20 lbs., drop body fat or to achieve…