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Danny Cahill

Interviewing my biggest mentor.

Jonathan: What inspired you in your 40’s to take another look at your health? Danny: I needed a new path. From age 24, when I got serious about nutrition and working out, until age 44, I followed the same routine. I didn’t eat red meat, or desserts, or anything fried. I didn’t drink alcohol more…

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The Scale Game.

Ok, remember, when I share, it’s because I was just like this. So you just started your health journey. Let’s say, you want to lose 30 lbs. So you measure your starting weight, and then you need to monitor your progress, so you weigh-yourself every day, twice a day, 3X, pretty much anytime you walk…

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greatness in health

2 words I loathe.

Good Job! Good is the enemy of Great. I really think about that a lot. I don’t want to do a good job, I want to do a great job. I want to be a great husband. I want to be a great martial artist. A great business person. A great friend. I want to…

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