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Selling versus Sharing.

Since AdvoCare is very much a part of my health success story I want to elaborate how I was introduced to the products. I didn’t receive a cold call. I didn’t see it in the grocery store. I didn’t see it on an infomercial at 4AM in the morning as the magic pill to lose…

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It's all Mental.

Ok, you’ve heard it’s all mental, well, I really thought that was bullshit but today I experienced it first hand. I’m not going to pull any punches and tell you that everday I wake up feeling like I want to eat perfect and workout and push hard. We’re human. We get tired. Sore. Frustrated. Just…

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Almost 2 years later…progress!

Does it have to be a Struggle? In celebration of my fitness journey thus far (In September, it will be 2 years), we shot this short interview in the studio, the 5 biggest victories since my journey started: 1. I feel better at 41 years old than I did at 21 years old. 2. My…

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