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Eating out in Restaurants, AdvoCare

How to eat out in restaurants while on plan

One of the biggest challenges is how do I keep losing weight (fat) while being dialed in on a weekly plan? A Food plan involves specific food in certain amounts and times. Restaurants can be very challenging by: a lot of the preservatives they use in their food, portions are insanely too big, they SALT…

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gym frustration

3 weeks.

Trust me as I’ve been there before. It takes at least 3 weeks sometimes to see if your fitness/nutrition plan is working for your lifestyle. Example, if you are just using the scale to measure your results and just want to drop weight either fat or muscle, do not weigh yourself everyday or even every…

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Fiber is where it is at!

So I’ve been coaching a few friends on nutrition and effective weight loss. Mostly Fat Burning through proper nutrition, supplements and moderate exercise. There are still people out there that think they can run their way to fitness, but trust me, even after losing 83 lbs. and exercising regularly, it is truly about what you…

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