2017 Q1 Nutrition/Fitness Plan

Ok, I’ve been doing the 50/30/20 (Carbs, Protein, Fat) Macro percentage plan for awhile and it has served me well. I shed an additional 55 lbs. after losing 30 lbs. initially and was able to get down to 9.7% Body Fat. One of my personal fitness goals is to achieve a more lean, muscular look. In order to do that, by talking with my advisory board it will probably require me to get to a 7-8% Body Fat or lower. In addition to changing up my workouts in the Gym, which are now 3-days on, 2-off followed by 3-days on, and a very conventional bodybuilding split, Day-1, Chest/Back (heavy), Day-2, Legs/Shoulders (heavy) and Day-3, Arms (heavy)- I do very little Cardio, maybe 1 or 2 times every other week for Cardiovascular health in conjunction with the Cardio element in my Aikido Training. The Second weight lifting split is the same order of bodyparts but lighter weight (higher reps) and supersets, which means after I complete a set of Chest for example, I immediately do a set of Back and then take a 60-75 second rest whereas that 60-75 second rest occurs after each set of a heavy scheme.

OK, now on to the nutrition, I am going to be doing a 6-day (Low Carb) e.g. 125g of Carbs a day followed by a Day-7 Reload (400g). I am doing this to achieve a more lean look. What I understand is by lowering the Carbs and replacing those macro nutrients with Healthy Fat, specifically for my Endomorph Bodytype, Endomorph this will work very well. I am not a certified nutritionist or dietitian, although I’ve worked with them before so I want to advise anyone that is looking to do this, to consult with their physician. But I want to point out some common mistakes I’ve made in the past when doing a ‘Low Carb’ diet:

1. Since you are reducing calories through carbs, you need to add those back in with Fat and Protein or you’re essentially starving yourself. While you may lose some weight initially (probably muscle too), you will will stall at some point.

2. You really need to measure your protein and fat to make sure you are not under-eating or over-eating.

3. My Carb sources are coming from fruit and veggies. No Grains or Dairy.

4. The Reload day is extremely important. If you don’t do it, it won’t work corectly. So on Day-7, I will eat more more calories, for me, Days 1-6 based on my type/fitness level is around 2,700 calories and on Day-7, I will eat 3,500 – 3,700 calories all clean carbs, e.g. whole grain bread, sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice, etc. and will work in a ‘treat meal’ e.g. 1/2 pizza as well.

5. Day 8 is back to Day 1.

So here is the mistake I made initially when not knowing what I was doing.

Sample Meal before:
8 Oz. of Chicken, Caesar Salad
= 450 calories with 18g of Carbs and 6g of Added Sugar from the Dressing

Sample Meal today:
8 Oz. of Chicken, 14g of Almonds, .50 TBS of Olive Oil, 3.5oz of banana
= 500 calories No added Sugar and high fiber