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pivotal humility - AdvoCare - Jonathan Adam Weiner

Pivotal Humility.

I was really touched today. One of my original fitness mentors, (in fact, the guy who was the catalyst for my health transformation which started on September 1, 2014) truly moved me. Zahid ‘Z’ Buttar, a friend, aikido student, AdvoCare Business Mentor and fitness coach for me, who has been on his own mini weight…

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BMI-vs-Body-Fat-AdvoCare - Jonathan Weiner

BMI versus Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat Percentage versus BMI? When you get past the point of just dropping scale weight, e.g. muscle and fat, and you’re truly trying to focus on body composition for overall health, fitness level, you need to be able to properly measure your body fat percentage. First, let me explain what BMI, Lean Weight and…

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