Why the Numbers tell All.

I think metrics are so important in trying to achieve any goal. Business, Fitness, Health, Hobbies, etc. But understanding how to interpret the numbers is even more important. The old me, not understanding ‘Lean Weight, Body Fat, etc.’ would look at this pinch today, and the scale went up 2 lbs. And even my body…

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Almost 2 years later…progress!

Does it have to be a Struggle? In celebration of my fitness journey thus far (In September, it will be 2 years), we shot this short interview in the studio, the 5 biggest victories since my journey started: 1. I feel better at 41 years old than I did at 21 years old. 2. My…

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Danny Cahill

Interviewing my biggest mentor.

Jonathan: What inspired you in your 40’s to take another look at your health? Danny: I needed a new path. From age 24, when I got serious about nutrition and working out, until age 44, I followed the same routine. I didn’t eat red meat, or desserts, or anything fried. I didn’t drink alcohol more…

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Weight Loss Milestone #1

Ok, finally did it, as of this morning, I have lost 50.3 Lbs. and it feels great! Extremely solid nutrition, supplementation and increased activity has been the driver! See part of my workout!

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Week 4 complete with the new trainer

Ok, so I just finished my 4th week with my trainer at Corefit. I got started on the first 2 workouts with Latrone, an extremely well-built, former active marine and solid trainer. We did 2 sessions at 6:30AM and the first one, I honestly felt like I was going to die. A combination of working…

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