Feel Better. Perform Better. Look Better

Feel Better. Perform Better. Look Better

Feel Better. Perform Better. Look Better.

Nine days ago marked my three year anniversary since starting my major health transformation which included and still does, an extremely clean diet, workouts (mostly resistance training and very little cardio) continued martial arts training and proper nutritional supplementation. It’s been an extremely rewarding learning experience and in this blog I’ve touched on major learning moments, with some accomplishments as well as some inside tips for those on a similar journey.

One of the most common questions, I still get in life as I’m sure most of you do when you meet someone is, “What do you do?” Meaning, for a living. My response is always the same, “I help people feel better, look better and perform better.” I didn’t make this up. It’s actually a common expression in the world of AdvoCare of which I am very much a part. I have been a product user the last three years and a business builder (advisor) the last two years. But in my world, let me break that down: “I help people feel better” – that’s lifestyle, coaching them on product use, mentoring on fitness goals, supporting my 24-Day Challengers in weight loss and nutritional guidance. That arm of my life can be called, ‘AdvoCare’. Helping people look better which is the video and photography profession I serve. Video and Photography production is about marketing and making you and your brand shine. Making your product or service look the best. Sure, if you feel better using AdvoCare and getting healthy, can you look better, absolutely? Finally, perform better. That’s the dojo side for me, Aikido. Performance through physical activity. Perform as a father, and a community member, protecting your family. Functional. Again, if you are getting healthier and healthier through a better lifestyle, you will perform better. If you are healthy and fit, you will perform better period. Physically. Mentally. You will be running a higher level.

Now finally for me, as I am 100% feeling and performing much better, I am really working on ‘looking better’ for me. That’s all. The amount of work and detail I put into my nutrition and fitness deserves the best chance at seeing if I can become at 42 years old what I never was at 21 years old. This is a personal quest. It involves discipline most wouldn’t want to try. It requires commitment most wouldn’t do. That’s a big part of why I want this.

We shall see.