Flip the Switch

flip-the-switch - Health Blog - Jonathan Weiner

I think often at the times I’ve failed and nine out of ten times it came down to will versus skill. I didn’t fail at certain weight loss programs because I didn’t have the knowledge or skill of how to do that particular program but rather I didn’t have the will to ‘flip the switch’. I truly did not make excuses. I conscientiously lacked the desire and the will. Maybe because it wasn’t the right time? Ha ha, that’s funny. Do you know what that truly means? My health was not a priority for me. Sad but true. Having been down this lifestyle of change for 2.5 years I have learned one thing. No one can motivate you to ‘flip the switch’. Some major life changing event has to happen to make you realize how important your health is. Maybe you suffer from a heart attack. Maybe someone close to you dies. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of feeling lethargic, out of shape and on top of that embarrassed. For me, it was all of those things. So I empathize if you were like me and you’re not ready to ‘flip the switch’ – we always say, we wish we could go back in time and do that over. The one constant that will never change is time. We all lose it at the same rate. Actually we don’t. If you are unhealthy, overweight and unfit than you are actually losing time faster. This is the concept you have to embrace. If you do, you will decide today that now is the time to get serious about your health and do something about it NOW.