How to get Leaner when you’re injured.

how to get leaner while injured

How to get Leaner when you’re injured.

Ok, Tell me if you can relate. You’re regimented. You’re motivated. You have a system and all of a sudden, boom. Injury. Why, poor form, no, over-lifting, no, just over-use. Well about 6 weeks ago, after a typical 6 out of 8 day Gym Workout series, Aikido 4-5 times that week and a Golf Trip with 4 rounds, I suffered from some very painful tendonitis. I couldn’t even grip a pencil or pick up a glass of water. And psychologically, I started to worry. Worry about the work I’ve put in for close to 2 years now in the Gym. The work I’ve put in with my very structured diet. And the work I’ve put in to continue to improve and work towards my goals of Single Digit BodyFat. So here’s what I did. Like before, ask your wellness advisory board and if you don’t have one. Create one. It should be a small team of 2-5 close people in your life that you trust, they know what they’re talking about, have a proven track record and people you admire. Why is that important. Because no matter what your personality is, leader, follower, extrovert, introvert, you will listen and follow your team because they are the real deal. So, I reached out to one of my mentors who maintains about 7% Body Fat for the past 15 years, he’s about 60 years old, avid bodybuilder and is extremely well read and writes for Fitness Magazines. He told me to pause on the Upper Body workouts due to the injury. Do 2 Leg Workouts a week, no more. A lot of people overdue it still and do not recover. More on that later. And supplement the other days with 2-3 Yoga sessions. I ended up only doing 1-2 Yoga sessions a week. They were new. And challenging at times. And of course the Leg workouts were tough. 8 Sets of Squats, 3 Sets of Leg Curls, and 4 Sets (each leg) of Bulgarian Split Squats. I also did some Ab work a couple of times a week. Decline Crunches and Leg Lifts.

Now, here’s the most important part of the experience. I stayed very strong on my diet. I didn’t deviate. I didn’t let the Injury derail me into thinking, I can’t make progress. In fact, I did. I lost body fat and gained muscle by doing this. How, I continued to eat super clean. 2,500 Calories a day for 2 days (Fat Burning) followed by 2,800 Calories (Recovery), that 3-day routine I stayed true for the entire time. Clean Carbs (lower glycemic) Lean Protein (not heavily fat protein) and Healthy Fat (avoid saturated and trans fats). Avoid a lot of Added Sugar. I typically will only touch food where the Sugar label is 0, 1 or 2g per serving. So again, Nutrition is 80% of the success always. Here are numbers:

196.4 lbs.
10.68 BF%
175.42 LBM
20.98 CFM

197 lbs.
11.06 BF%
175.1 LBM
21.8 CFM

Now it wasn’t a major shift, but most people would consider not losing muscle and/or gaining fat while injured a huge win. I was able to fractionally lose fat and fractionally gain muscle, so a big win for a 42-year Endomorph.