Tracking, especially your nutrition is the only way to measure.

By Jonathan Weiner | November 19, 2016

I want to talk about tracking nutrition. A lot of weight-loss programs have their guides, pamphlets, apps, etc. And at the end of the day, it will help you realize what you are eating each day which we all know is 80% of the success with weight management, body fat percentage, etc. And depending on…

Why the Numbers tell All.

By Jonathan Weiner | October 20, 2016

I think metrics are so important in trying to achieve any goal. Business, Fitness, Health, Hobbies, etc. But understanding how to interpret the numbers is even more important. The old me, not understanding ‘Lean Weight, Body Fat, etc.’ would look at this pinch today, and the scale went up 2 lbs. And even my body…

The Why?

By Jonathan Weiner | October 3, 2016
AdvoCare Jonathan Weiner

Too many times, I hear things like, How did you do this? I think the more important question is to ask Why? If you can answer the ‘Why?’ the How becomes clearer as well as the When. Should you start a health journey now? Well sure, the easy answer is Yes. We are all losing…

Single Digits!

By Jonathan Weiner | September 22, 2016
Body Fat - Jonathan Weiner

When I started my journey 2-years ago, over 30% Body Fat, I wanted to see if I could get to a Single Digit Body Fat percent. Well today, I accomplished that at 9.77% – this journey has been so educational. Learning how to eat properly, the effects of wellness/recovery supplements and of course the different…

2 Year Anniversary.

By Jonathan Weiner | September 1, 2016
Why AdvoCare

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since I started this health and wellness journey. Here is my Progress: Starting Weight was 277.5 lbs. – I weigh 192.8 lbs. now – I’ve lost 84.7 lbs. Starting Body Fat % was 39.8% – Current Body Fat % is 10.17%. Burned over 65 lbs. off Fat…

How to eat out in restaurants while on plan

By Jonathan Weiner | August 22, 2016
Eating out in Restaurants, AdvoCare

One of the biggest challenges is how do I keep losing weight (fat) while being dialed in on a weekly plan? A Food plan involves specific food in certain amounts and times. Restaurants can be very challenging by: a lot of the preservatives they use in their food, portions are insanely too big, they SALT…

3 weeks.

By Jonathan Weiner | August 15, 2016
gym frustration

Trust me as I’ve been there before. It takes at least 3 weeks sometimes to see if your fitness/nutrition plan is working for your lifestyle. Example, if you are just using the scale to measure your results and just want to drop weight either fat or muscle, do not weigh yourself everyday or even every…

Fiber is where it is at!

By Jonathan Weiner | August 7, 2016

So I’ve been coaching a few friends on nutrition and effective weight loss. Mostly Fat Burning through proper nutrition, supplements and moderate exercise. There are still people out there that think they can run their way to fitness, but trust me, even after losing 83 lbs. and exercising regularly, it is truly about what you…

Selling versus Sharing.

By Jonathan Weiner | July 27, 2016
advocare logo - jonathan weiner

Since AdvoCare is very much a part of my health success story I want to elaborate how I was introduced to the products. I didn’t receive a cold call. I didn’t see it in the grocery store. I didn’t see it on an infomercial at 4AM in the morning as the magic pill to lose…

It's all Mental.

By Jonathan Weiner | July 12, 2016

Ok, you’ve heard it’s all mental, well, I really thought that was bullshit but today I experienced it first hand. I’m not going to pull any punches and tell you that everday I wake up feeling like I want to eat perfect and workout and push hard. We’re human. We get tired. Sore. Frustrated. Just…