Almost 2 years later…progress!

By Jonathan Weiner | July 4, 2016

Does it have to be a Struggle? In celebration of my fitness journey thus far (In September, it will be 2 years), we shot this short interview in the studio, the 5 biggest victories since my journey started: 1. I feel better at 41 years old than I did at 21 years old. 2. My…

Interviewing my biggest mentor.

By Jonathan Weiner | June 27, 2016
Danny Cahill

Jonathan: What inspired you in your 40’s to take another look at your health? Danny: I needed a new path. From age 24, when I got serious about nutrition and working out, until age 44, I followed the same routine. I didn’t eat red meat, or desserts, or anything fried. I didn’t drink alcohol more…

The Scale Game.

By Jonathan Weiner | June 26, 2016

Ok, remember, when I share, it’s because I was just like this. So you just started your health journey. Let’s say, you want to lose 30 lbs. So you measure your starting weight, and then you need to monitor your progress, so you weigh-yourself every day, twice a day, 3X, pretty much anytime you walk…

2 words I loathe.

By Jonathan Weiner | June 24, 2016
greatness in health

Good Job! Good is the enemy of Great. I really think about that a lot. I don’t want to do a good job, I want to do a great job. I want to be a great husband. I want to be a great martial artist. A great business person. A great friend. I want to…

Undereating can have negative effects if you're trying to lose weight.

By Jonathan Weiner | June 13, 2016
undereating journey

Ok, so this basic concept of eat less burn more equals weight loss. Well, it does to a certain extent. But when you are not taking in enough nutrients, not only are you not feeding the other parts of your body that need to function optimally which aids in weight loss, you could be affecting…

To Cheat Meal or Not to Cheat Meal.

By Jonathan Weiner | May 17, 2016

Ok, you heard it. Every now and then, it’s good to have a Cheat Meal. Would I have agreed 6 months ago, Heck No! In fact, when I started my ultra strict, weight, macros balanced, 5 times a day, every 3-hours, I DID NOT cheat once! Yes, let me repeat. I did not Cheat once.…

Month 20

By Jonathan Weiner | May 8, 2016
Month 20 of Journey

As I just wrapped 20 months since I started my journey, here are some metrics: 1. I have lost 80.3 lbs. 2. I have dropped from 38.8% Body Fat to 13.3% Body Fat. 4. I drink between 4-5 liters of water daily. 5. I drink 0 Starbucks daily. 6. I drink 0 Diet Soda daily.…

Why CORE is so important

By Jonathan Weiner | March 21, 2016

I was thinking about the word CORE lately and have come to the conclusion it is evident and so important in all walks of life especially in my world. Health. Fitness. Martial Arts. Nutrition. Discipline. Is it a coincidence that the Gym I joined is called CoreFIT 24/7? My path for the past 18 months…

AdvoNation 2016

By Jonathan Weiner | January 21, 2016

So I had the opportunity to talk about my weight loss journey in front of about 5,000 AdvoCare Distributors around the Southeast. This was a very humbling experience for me for many reasons. First, it is a staple of the hard work and focus I have put into this journey for the past 16 months.…

2015 Results

By Jonathan Weiner | December 31, 2015

  2015 Fitness/Health Results. I am happy & want to celebrate. When I started this journey I was 277.5 lbs. and around 40% Body Fat – as of this morning at the Gym, I am 203.6 lbs. and 15.32% Body Fat – I am more than happy to share how I did it with anyone…