Pivotal Humility.

pivotal humility - AdvoCare - Jonathan Adam Weiner

I was really touched today. One of my original fitness mentors, (in fact, the guy who was the catalyst for my health transformation which started on September 1, 2014) truly moved me. Zahid ‘Z’ Buttar, a friend, aikido student, AdvoCare Business Mentor and fitness coach for me, who has been on his own mini weight loss program for the past few weeks and has been getting great results.

Here’s what he wrote today:

I’m jacked up. I’ve trained the last 20 consecutive days. 14 sessions in Aikido. 12 sessions in Orange Theory Fitness. 6 days I did Aikido and Orange Theory Fitness. I’ve lost 15 pounds with more coming off (for this weight loss challenge.) Some observations:

1. Coach Sarah Tuczynski is the exact person to squeeze effort out of me in OTF.. The other coaches I work with are awesome as well. But there’s something about Sarah that is special.

2. Sensei Jonathan Adam Weiner is the exact person to squeeze effort out of me on the mat. Rep after rep after rep, no let up in the tweaking as I get ready for my 2nd Kyu test. He and Sensei Dennis Main have set a very high standard in our dojo and all it takes to hit is 100% every time I’m on the mat. I am particularly thankful for my friends on the mat who are helping me prepare.

3. Coach Sarah, Sensei Jonathan Adam Weiner, Dr. Rob Benningfield and Josh Szymanowski are my 2017 Board of Directors in the area of human performance.

4. At age 50 I still have the mysterious “IT”. Although I’m way more strategic now about putting energy out, my capacity doesn’t seem to have changed much. I don’t know where the line is between eating clean organic non-gmo home cooked food, eating world class supplements from Advocare, training on the mat and training at OTF but the sum effect of all those is having an effect.
But by far the biggest blessing: I am healthy enough to model the right behaviors for the 3 sets of eyes who watch everything. When I tell them to work hard – they understand what that means.

Thank you Daniel Schloss and Kathleen for starting OTF around these here parts. Thank you Sensei Dennis Main for starting Aikido of Charlotte and Sensei Jonathan Adam Weiner building it into an amazing brand. Thank you Charlie Ragus to starting Advocare and Super Michael Ferro for bringing the brand into my life..
Physically speaking, the best is yet to come.

Let me go back. Z was a former Division 1 Swimmer and Professional Level Cyclist. Translation, he has been a very fit athlete most of his life and he was very fit when he joined my Dojo on September 1, 2013. I was impressed by his fitness and effort level. I was also a college athlete and committed to martial arts for a while, so I when I needed to regain my health, he was a logical person to trust. On top of that, I also worked with his wife, who has coached me on AdvoCare products and nutrition from the very beginning.

Today, Z is on a mission to lose some weight for a few reasons, an Orange Theory contest (the guy is super competitive) to be able to move lighter on his feet while practicing Aikido (training for an advanced kyu test in the coming weeks). He knows that the prep and test for it can be intense from a physical and mental standpoint. So, here’s why I’m touched today. He reached out to me for assistance along with some other high level coaches, trainers, etc. in their perspective areas. Z has a huge network of experts in the area of fitness. He could have asked any number of people but he valued what I’ve become in the area of nutrition and that really touched me. The Teacher becomes the student. And that is a recurring theme in our relationship as it is multi-faced with his quest to become a Shodan (Black Belt) in Aikido as well as my quest to become a business leader in AdvoCare.

I guess, for all those people that still don’t know what I do or what AdvoCare is, I would simply say this. First and foremost, this is what AdvoCare is. After that, sure it’s any number of things to many people. It provides amazing products for workouts and amazing products for weight management. And of course, it provides financial and time freedom. It’s an opportunity to seize. But it starts with the core backbone of relationships and my life would be different today if I had never met Z along with his wife, Kim and their children.

Today is about pivotal humility for me.