Programs. Noise. Decisions.

After about 1 year on AdvoCare and getting myself healthy. I found my purpose and have used AdvoCare as a Vehicle to drive that purpose. I am 150% into health/wellness/nutrition/fitness. And my purpose is to help others improve in those areas. Whether it’s just to take off 10-20 lbs., drop body fat or to achieve an elite level of fitness I am passionate about it all.

Now before I got started on AdvoCare, I had tried Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Adkins, Nutrisystem, etc. and on and on…and without going into a lot of details, those programs for ME were a short terms fix and I believe if you follow their programs, you will get short term success. But it didn’t flip the major ‘Lifestyle’ switch that I needed. And for ME, AdvoCare not only flipped the switch but it helped me discover my purpose with wellness and take my level of understanding of nutrition, supplements, exercise and fitness to a level far beyond the average person.

I truly love sharing the information. The information that has worked extremely well for me. For my wife. For dozens of friends/family around the world. I have learned from nutritionists, experts in supplements, master certified personal trainers, writers of fitness magazines, my wife (Doctor of Pharmacy), etc.

Now going back to the noise, all the companies out there, Isagenix, Beach Body, many more…I just heard of a new one today Purium.

My only advice is first before you waste a lot of time and money on ‘trying’ the next best thing, make sure you’re ready 100% mentally to commit and be ‘All In’, next, make sure you have a closer relationship with the person that is introducing you to a program, someone you can trust, someone that walks the walk, someone that has proven documented results and can Coach you.

When someone I know is making an effort to better myself, my first reaction is ‘Great Decision’ – now I think if you align your focus, and are READY, the only other thing to do is get started. Again, just get Started. Pick the right program for YOU, it will save you a lot of time and money when you do. And that is the currency we don’t get back, TIME, that’s why intention is not enough but ACTION supercedes everything.