Tracking, especially your nutrition is the only way to measure.

I want to talk about tracking nutrition. A lot of weight-loss programs have their guides, pamphlets, apps, etc. And at the end of the day, it will help you realize what you are eating each day which we all know is 80% of the success with weight management, body fat percentage, etc. And depending on how structured and disciplined you are, tracking your macro-nutrients each day will help you win big. I am probably an anomaly, since for 5 months straight I lost 50 lbs. and 45 of that was Fat and didn’t write one thing down each day but my food plan was already written. (3-day cycle) that I just repeated over and over again. And didn’t deviate once.

But since my goals have changed over the last 2 years and now I focus on single digit body fat percentage as well as building lean muscle my food has changed a little in the sense of overall calories and tracking it is important to me.

For example, in a 3-day cycle I would eat 2,400 calories 2X and then 2,700 calories 1X, now I eat almost 2,900 calories 3X in a row followed by around 2,500 calories plus my macro percentages have changed. This post is about ‘If you bite it, write it’ but I did want to put this out there, something I’ve learned from top nutritionists, bodybuilders and super fit people. Elite athletes in the 6-8% body fat range with excellent body composition. As I got leaner (277 lbs. to 197 lbs.) I had to eat more food to gain muscle and lose body fat. You’re probably thinking, wait, to lose weight, you should eat less, right? Not entirely, and as my Gym workouts increased from 2X a week to now 4X a week, I need more food. But it has to be the right food at the right times in the right amounts. I will touch on that later but for now, just take this away.

If you write down your food intake every day for 3-months, you can see exactly what nutrition you’re getting and adjust from there based on your goals, lifestyle, physcial activity, etc. I love and use MyFitnessPal APP, not only is it easy to track my food, but it shows me percentages and I can set up ‘Meals’ so I just click one button and it populates the entire meal, pretty cool! And saves a lot of time.

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