Wheels Are Coming Off

I recently posted the following suggestion on Facebook. Define Will Power. There were a wide range of answers. Of course, everyone has an individual belief system and the reasons behind it. I do want to touch on the difficulty with which I still struggle even three years later. First, let’s look at two years ago, I was 209 lbs. and 19% Body Fat, today I’m 209 and 15% Body Fat – so the weight is the same but with less fat on my body and more muscle. And the struggle with which I still deal is getting to the next level, 10% Body Fat. This process requires even more determination than just dropping the scale 75-85 lbs. And I’m sure you’ve heard the closer you get to your goal, the harder it becomes. It’s even more true when you are trying not only to affect the scale but your body composition. I am ON 95%of the time – perfect nutrition, balanced, timed, measured, coached and my workouts are good also, again with a coach and a team. But life gets in the way – and I mean that in a good way, such as Events, Travel, Parties, Holiday’s, etc. So the struggle becomes even more real. Pretty soon, 2-3 days happens of being OFF – and then that feeling of the “Wheels are coming off”‘ kicks in. The good news is that this is a wake-up call. It focuses you. It re-charges your energy and allows you to get back on track. This is a short term feeling. By changing yourself, your body, your outlook and even your responsibility – it will make you NOT go back to before. So I say, it’s a good thing. You have to LIVE. You have to Enjoy the process.

At the end of the day, whatever outcome you desire, your determination will win. It is truly that simple.